We are a Chilean Startup focused on the discovery and development of innovative products of biological origin, which can replace the use of antibiotics.


Why do we want to replace them? Because the use and abuse of antibiotics in the food industry is the root of appearance of multi-resistant bacteria, which are responsible for over 800,000 people dying a year from diseases that previously had treatments that are no longer effective. All because of these bacteria that became immune to antibiotics and now cause health crises.


To avoid more health crises, we created BeeTechonology, where we develop accessible and effective treatments, which today are necessary to sustain human and animal health.

Without technologies like ours, the mortality per year due to antibiotic resistance could reach up to 10 million people by 2050.


Therefore, we are committed to the development of natural and sustainable medicines for the prevention of diseases, avoiding antibiotics that cause damage to the environment, animals, and medicine.

Core Team

Camilo Bravo


Alejandro Olmos


Stephanie Slebos