We are a Chilean Startup focused on the discovery and development of innovative and biological products that protect the food chain and consumer safety.


We are convinced that to feed more people, it is not necessary to produce more food. The solution is to take care of the food we already produce, since more than 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted annually.


Producers and distributors rely on refrigeration and sanitizing chemicals as a method of preservation. Unfortunately, this translates into high costs, logistical problems, high carbon dioxide emissions, and excessive energy use. 


A panorama that is far from the consumer demand that grows every day in the search for more organic and natural products,where the preservation treatments on the market are even less effective.

Faced with this challenge, we founded BeeTechonology to develop accessible and effective treatments, which are now necessary to extend the shelf life of products, eliminate waste and guarantee food safety in an organic and residue-free way. 


All with an economic sense, so that our solution does not significantly affect production costs and thus avoid increasing the final price of the products.



Awards and recognitions 

2016 Winners Apply your CopecUC Foundation Idea

2017 GSEA Finalist for Best Student Entrepreneurship

2019 Second place in The Ganesha Lab's acceleration and biobusiness program

2022 Winners Best Innovation chosen by the public at the Boston Animal Health Summit

Core Team

Camilo Bravo


Alejandro Olmos


Stephanie Slebos