To preserve food, producers rely on refrigeration and sanitizing chemicals. The problem is that their effectiveness is low, and resistant bacteria are on the rise.  That's why, at BeeTechnology, we created an organic sanitizer with high effectiveness and multiple benefits.

Benefits of our technology

Food Safety

- Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria in food, increasing its useful life and preventing the appearance of resistance.


- It is not toxic to people, the environment or animals. 


- It is made based on organic biotechnology, since we use natural and biodegradable peptides that maintain the organic seal and achieve sustainable production.







- Less energy use, because there is less refrigeration in the food chain. 



- Reduces the carbon footprint created by food loss, responsible for 10% of greenhouse gasses.


- Less waste from the food industry and the resources involved in its production.


- More sustainable production that increases brand value by 22%.



- By increasing the shelf life of food, it allows food to reach more distant territories, without neglecting food safety.


- Increases the efficiency of the supply chain and increases the gross margin by 10%.


- It is easily applied in the current food chain, without creating extra steps.  









Proven technology


- Microbiology, bioprocesses and industrial biotechnology.


- Industrial piloting in real conditions.