Our Technology


Thanks to extensive research we managed to use the power of protein fermentation produced by honey bee microorganisms, to control problems with all kinds of bacteria, including coliforms, Salmonella and aureus. Salmonellas y aureus.


Our work resulted in a food additive that works as an organic antibacterial that leaves no residue on food, and be applied in liquid (spray) or solid (powder) format, to control bacterial contamination. 


BeeTechnology's technology is composed of peptides with excellent safety profiles and wide applicability, based on GRAS compounds. 


These proteins act through a powerful bactericidal effect, affecting their cell membrane and causing the death of the bacteria responsible for spoiling food and causing food poisoning, dismantling their essential cellular structures, thus replacing preservatives and chemicals that are harmful to the consumer and the environment. ambient. 


We have first-rate microbiological research and industrial trials that support our results.